Virgo Girl Media|Content Creation, Social Media Management and Project Management

Virgo Girl Media (VGM) is a digital consulting agency and lifestyle blog, targeted to entrepreneurs, bloggers and authors. VGM needed assistance with creating engaging content, growing it’s social media channels and general project management and console.

Defining a Clear Content and Blog Strategy

VGM’s president and CEO prides herself is having an engaging industry specific blog, while spotlighting its target audience of entrepreneurs, bloggers and authors. It was crucial for VGM to have a defined blog content strategy that would gain them industry credibility.

The blog content strategy included:

  • Defining specific industry keywords that answered our audience’s questions and creating valuable content.   
  • Creating and holding guest writers and staff accountable for blog submission and deadlines through a detailed editorial calendar.
  • Implementing a style guide to ensure a comprehensive blog design.  
  • Promoting blog articles in emails and on social media channels using best practices for each specific platform.

Setting a Social Media Plan

how to engaging with our target audience on social media

Growing and engaging with our target audience on social media was a need to grow VGM’s blog readership and increase visibility to marketing qualified leads.  

We did this by:

  • Promoting each blog article on social media platforms at optimal times of day and using specific industry and trending hashtags.
  • Directly engaging with people we highlighted in our blog content, our audience and social media influencers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, to encourage them to re-share our blog posts.  
  • Creating a monthly newsletter that highlights the latest blog articles.
  • Hosting campaigns, blogger and author tours and contest on social media that highlight industry partnerships and increase brand visibility.  

Measuring Results Staying on Timeline

With so many moving parts, it was important that VGM’s internal staff, who all worked remotely, stay on task and communicate effectively.

We implemented:

  • Google Analytics, where we identified key benchmarks to analyze traffic to website, social media and blog articles.
  • Weekly email status updates from each staff.
  • Interactive Trello boards and a shared detailed editorial calendar.