Pregnant While Working the Frontlines During COVID-19

I found out I was pregnant on January 26, 2020.

On January 27th, I had my first encounter with a patient who we suspected had COVID-19.

I always knew being an Emergency Room nurse had its risks, but never did I imagine I would experience working a pandemic while pregnant with my first baby.

As COVID-19 ravaged our patients and staff we simply did the best we could.

In a matter of days, we made adjustments to wear N95 respirators, face shields and protective gowns for 12+ hours a day.

We quickly learned how to care for patients on ventilators; our Emergency Room went from having 0 patients on ventilators to over 30 patients on ventilators.

We cried on each other’s shoulders and rushed to each other’s sides when we were at our breaking points.

Being pregnant, I was terrified.

I cried both ways to work.

My management and co-nurses knew that COVID-19 posed a serious risk to my baby.

They kept me sheltered, protected me to the best of their ability, I even moved floors to a “non COVID” PACU/ICU.

But nothing at the hospital was “non COVID” in March and April.

As we finally start to gain control over the virus, there is a new sense of normal at the hospital.

I look at my co-nurses in a different way now.

We all have a deeper respect and understanding for one another.

On September 22, 2020, my baby girl was born; healthy.

I will never forget working the frontlines during the height of the pandemic.

I can never forget the sacrifices and prayers that I felt by people who I now consider family, and for that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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