Bad Habit Fishing Charters: Website Design and Lead Generation

Bad Habit Fishing Charters, a private fishing charter business out of Clinton Connecticut, needed a website where it’s audience could learn more about its unique services, inquire for more information and get an insider look at what to expect out of a fishing charter. In addition, they needed social media sites and an outreach strategy to generate organic leads.  

Defining Bad Habit’s Specific Needs  

The website needed to be:

  • Simple to navigate
  • Clearly define the services and policies
  • SEO friendly to drive qualified leads

The social media sites needed to be created for:

A blogging strategy needed to be created, defined and executed.

The Path to Success

Private fishing charter businesses are highly competitive and extremely location driven. We knew that we needed to create a website and social media presence that conveyed a simple unified message and maximized specific location-based and industry targeted keywords.

The blog strategy was to focus on partnership and engagement by highlighting local fishing tournaments and special pricing discounts on charter trips.

Driving Results

Bad Habit Fishing Charters now:

  • Has a website that is easy to navigate and understand what is being offered.  
  • Has an interactive blog that is updated with news and specials.
  • Is regularly bringing in sales qualified leads during the fishing season.
  • Ranks in Google’s top search for a specific location and industry long tail keywords.
  • Has a growing and engaging social media presence.

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